Looks like I forgot about this thing. To tell you the truth, I have been struck down with a really rotten cold which I can’t seem to shift, so the last thing I felt like doing was keeping this stupid website updated. I’ve still been doing my workout – even with a spinning and achy head, congested nose, sore limbs and razorblades down my throat… so yay me. However, I did feel it was hindering my recovery slightly, so I’ve paused it for a couple of days whilst I take time to rest and recuperate.

That’s it for now.

Weigh in

I stepped on the scales this morning – I have shed a stone in 2 weeks. I can’t quite believe it, but then the other day I had noticed that I used a different hole in my belt buckle to fasten it. And what’s more, is that this illness I was struck down with has seemingly dissipated in one day. I usually take an age to recover completely but apart from a dry cough, I’m fighting fit.

All is going well.

I don’t like Mondays

I was battling a cold over Christmas – it seemed to clear up about a week ago, but on Sunday I had a relapse of kind and felt so bad that I even had to work from home today. I started making my way to work, but it just wasn’t happening. I felt hot and cold, everything was spinning… not good at all. As the day progressed, I started feeling a bit better. As much as I wanted to give it a miss, I still did my workout this evening. It is especially gruelling when you aren’t 100%, but I managed to get through it.



It was my scheduled rest day today… and rest I did! This whole week really took it out of me, and I slept in very late, which is something I never usually do. Haven’t really moved from my armchair all day. It’s been good. :)

Saturday Special

It wasn’t as bad as I thought! My core is clearly my weakest area – that much I’ve learnt in a week of doing this programme. It’s obvious though, as I have a pot belly! Every other exercise has been fine, it is purely the ab-focussed ones that really push me.

So… how do I feel now the first week has gone by? Well, my meals have been much healthier, I’ve cooked a lot from scratch which I never used to do, and any snacks I need are either fruit or nuts – equally as filling as a packet of crisps but much more tastier. I’m eating breakfast now, which I also never used to do. The one item I haven’t cut back on, and which I know I should, is Coca-Cola. It is my one and only vice in life, and I still have a can a day – and have done for about 15 years. It is nothing but sugar, it rots your teeth… but it is divine. :)

My body feels sore, in a good way, and I am mentally reminding myself to ‘engage my core’, and not slouch so much. It’s hard to remember that sometimes when you have a desk job like I do.

Why am I listening to ‘Joy to the World’ in January?