I stepped on the scales this morning – I have shed a stone in 2 weeks. I can’t quite believe it, but then the other day I had noticed that I used a different hole in my belt buckle to fasten it. And what’s more, is that this illness I was struck down with has seemingly dissipated in one day. I usually take an age to recover completely but apart from a dry cough, I’m fighting fit.

All is going well.

Everything P90

I was battling a cold over Christmas – it seemed to clear up about a week ago, but on Sunday I had a relapse of kind and felt so bad that I even had to work from home today. I started making my way to work, but it just wasn’t happening. I felt hot and cold, everything was spinning… not good at all. As the day progressed, I started feeling a bit better. As much as I wanted to give it a miss, I still did my workout this evening. It is especially gruelling when you aren’t 100%, but I managed to get through it.


Everything P90

It was my scheduled rest day today… and rest I did! This whole week really took it out of me, and I slept in very late, which is something I never usually do. Haven’t really moved from my armchair all day. It’s been good. :)

Everything P90

It wasn’t as bad as I thought! My core is clearly my weakest area – that much I’ve learnt in a week of doing this programme. It’s obvious though, as I have a pot belly! Every other exercise has been fine, it is purely the ab-focussed ones that really push me.

So… how do I feel now the first week has gone by? Well, my meals have been much healthier, I’ve cooked a lot from scratch which I never used to do, and any snacks I need are either fruit or nuts – equally as filling as a packet of crisps but much more tastier. I’m eating breakfast now, which I also never used to do. The one item I haven’t cut back on, and which I know I should, is Coca-Cola. It is my one and only vice in life, and I still have a can a day – and have done for about 15 years. It is nothing but sugar, it rots your teeth… but it is divine. :)

My body feels sore, in a good way, and I am mentally reminding myself to ‘engage my core’, and not slouch so much. It’s hard to remember that sometimes when you have a desk job like I do.

Why am I listening to ‘Joy to the World’ in January?

Everything P90


So I managed to do the ‘sweat’ section just fine tonight, the ‘ab ripper’… not so much. My core is really sore. Heh, that rhymes. It was especially difficult to do several of the exercises tonight, and I had to sit a couple out, so I’m a little bit annoyed at that. Tomorrow is the ‘Saturday Special’. I’m kind of dreading what that is going to be, as I haven’t looked ahead yet. Life is always interesting with surprises dotted around here and there.

… right?

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